Story Updates

A few quick updates about where my stories have been appearing: I have a new, tiny, toxic tale in 50-Word Stories. This one’s dark. I’m beyond thrilled that I’m going to have a literary microfiction in Hobart soon. Tentative date is August 9. I have two speculative flash fiction stories in magazines this summer. Both […]

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Hoot magazine–a microfiction publisher specializing in physical postcard fiction you can put on your fridge or wherever you like–has been running a series of virtual postcards on Twitter lately, featuring seven-word tales and poems sent in by followers. Today they posted my story, which is untitled on the card, but which I am calling “Without,” […]

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Microfiction: The Very Brief, Bittersweet Case of the Pixie Abductees

Fairies fill the gumshoe’s office; balance, wings aflutter, on bookshelves and dusty ceiling-fan blades. They complain of mystery lights, missing time, dissected elf-hounds. Unhygienic probings. The detective dumps his antipsychotics on the desk blotter. Dissolves one on his tongue. Sugar. Sighing with disappointment, he returns to the Pendleton divorce case. ###

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The Sixth Rural Juror Squirrel’s Furor

A literary journal I sometimes submit to says authors should read their submissions aloud because the journal’s editors always read them aloud. Behold, my newest sentence: The sixth rural juror squirrel’s furor at the cavalry colonel’s otorhinolaryngologist’s antidisestablishmentarian anemone, his anathema since an asterisk incident on an Antarctic isthmus, led to a defibrillation at a […]

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Two Recent Micros

I’ve published two micro tales  on 50-Word Stories since the start of the new year, neither of which I’ve announced yet on my blog. “Eavesdropping” — Full of good holiday (well, post-holiday) cheer! “Corn Goddess” — Dystopian, about an election.

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I have a new story commissioned by Paizo. Titled “Walls” it features psychic poetry, invasive species, crime, and flower-addicted space dinosaurs. Because of course it does.

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New story

I have a new story titled “Nonverbal Communication” in 50-Word Stories today. If you read it and like it, I’d really appreciate a like-click.

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Three New Stories

Hello all, and long time no updates. Since I last posted on this blog, I’ve had three new stories published. One’s a 100-word micro about crayon drawings crawling down off the fridge, titled “Understudies,” and now hosted by 101 Fiction. The other two are flash tales, the second of which just posted today: “Afromosia Wakizashi,” […]

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