Story news

So it’s been a heck of a week on the story-front. My story in the October run of Necessary Fiction, “Amundsen Sea,” was nominated by the magazine for Best Small Fictions, which is a proper thrill. I’ve been reading BSF-honored flash stories for years now and then curling up with some hot chocolate and my […]

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Amundsen Sea

I’m beyond thrilled to have a short horror story in Necessary Fiction today. Titled “Amundsen Sea,” it features a bobbing research station in the ocean, desperate scientists aware that said station is sinking, and a weird fellow none of them remember, not on the manifest, who keeps talking about John Carpenter movies.

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Shear-Thing is an assemblage of old farm tools. Shears, hooks, scythes. A circular saw with chipped teeth. A rusting machete.  It moves, despite metal parts, with the pillowy sound of grain in breeze.  It smells fear.  What sets it moving toward you is this: Someone makes you run. Someone makes you scared. As your monster […]

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Story Updates

A few quick updates about where my stories have been appearing: I have a new, tiny, toxic tale in 50-Word Stories. This one’s dark. I’m beyond thrilled that I’m going to have a literary microfiction in Hobart soon. Tentative date is August 9. I have two speculative flash fiction stories in magazines this summer. Both […]

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Hoot magazine–a microfiction publisher specializing in physical postcard fiction you can put on your fridge or wherever you like–has been running a series of virtual postcards on Twitter lately, featuring seven-word tales and poems sent in by followers. Today they posted my story, which is untitled on the card, but which I am calling “Without,” […]

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Microfiction: The Very Brief, Bittersweet Case of the Pixie Abductees

Fairies fill the gumshoe’s office; balance, wings aflutter, on bookshelves and dusty ceiling-fan blades. They complain of mystery lights, missing time, dissected elf-hounds. Unhygienic probings. The detective dumps his antipsychotics on the desk blotter. Dissolves one on his tongue. Sugar. Sighing with disappointment, he returns to the Pendleton divorce case. ###

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The Sixth Rural Juror Squirrel’s Furor

A literary journal I sometimes submit to says authors should read their submissions aloud because the journal’s editors always read them aloud. Behold, my newest sentence: The sixth rural juror squirrel’s furor at the cavalry colonel’s otorhinolaryngologist’s antidisestablishmentarian anemone, his anathema since an asterisk incident on an Antarctic isthmus, led to a defibrillation at a […]

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Two Recent Micros

I’ve published two micro tales  on 50-Word Stories since the start of the new year, neither of which I’ve announced yet on my blog. “Eavesdropping” — Full of good holiday (well, post-holiday) cheer! “Corn Goddess” — Dystopian, about an election.

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I have a new story commissioned by Paizo. Titled “Walls” it features psychic poetry, invasive species, crime, and flower-addicted space dinosaurs. Because of course it does.

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