Tremble! I Am the Mini-Me of Thor!

Freeing Clerics from their Character Straitjackets I usually DM. However, when I play, I will play darned near anything. I once played a merchant. This was during the 2nd edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The typical game settings had no “merchant” class, of course. Dark Sun added a “Trader” class in a supplement, but we weren’t playing […]

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Introducing the Ludus Population Engine

Your players have just made enemies of the local Thieves’ Guild. Mortal enemies. Whoops. As a result, they are starting to wonder how much trouble they’re in. “Is it possible,” a player wonders, “to anticipate a Thieves’ Guild attack by storming its headquarters and wiping out the city’s criminal population?” A second player then asks, […]

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