Mitra, Daughter of Masks

When I first proposed the idea of a cleric whose divine powers came from being a demigod — a half-deity — one of my good friends, also a long-time gamer, took exception with the idea, contending that a demigod character with entry-level (first-level) abilities might be fine for a novel, or for fiction, but that […]

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Smarter Intelligence Checks

Robijeign, Arch-Diviner of Stull, gazed at the runes. Jagged hashes, rough, and deep, the strange markings had been found carved into the underside of the banquet table: ten of them, forming a circle, with an additional marking in the center. Eleven markings, total. Mere moments earlier, the emissaries dining at that very same table had been at each […]

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Pantheon of the Vorago

Ihave lately been creating clerics as part of a short series on the divine class. (To read the five clerics in that series, see Galatherina, Bettelfegne, Mitra, Raicho, and Arethkayn.) However, I’ve often been stumped about what to do for gods. I don’t want to use someone else’s intellectual property–not without permission, anyway. That means Greyhawk and Nehwon […]

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