About Alastair

Originally posted on Unlocked Untanglings:
(Written 11/2/2018, in parallel with “Getting to Know Me”) ? How our world can change in an instant. We all think we know this. Many of us have had this happen over and over in our lives. Yet it continues to surprise. As if we just can’t wrap our heads…

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With a frown, Chris re-sheathed his sword. The charging orcs shuffled to a confused stop. [….]

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Amor Fraternal

Summer. Jack plays computer soccer. Finn studies the older boy’s fourth-grade math books, face crinkled with concentration, almost crying. We’re perplexed: the kindergartner’s torture is self-imposed. [….]

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Conversation Killer

No one much asks business or pleasure these days. But if anyone did, and if Kristenia answered honestly, she’d say revenge, a real conversation killer. Her mark wears a new name, doesn’t recognize grown-up Kristy as he takes payment (cash), tells her her room number (22), asks what she does.

Find people, she replies, and, with an oh, eye contact stops as he readies her room key.

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I led the handcuffed, fourteen-year-old pickpocket to a seat by my desk, where I pulled up her past offenses: petty theft (6), resisting arrest (3), escape from police custody (24).

Twenty-four escapes? I looked up to an empty chair, handcuffs open on the seat. …

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