Amor Fraternal

Summer. Jack plays computer soccer.

Finn studies the older boy’s fourth-grade math books, face crinkled with concentration, almost crying.

We’re perplexed: the kindergartner’s torture is self-imposed.

“Finn,” says Amy. “We love that you suddenly want to learn–”

“Shh,” he says. “Concentrating.”

“—But why?”

Finn seems stunned at our stupidity. “I start going to Jack’s school next year.”

Amy nods, blankly.

“If I can’t keep up,” he says, voice cracking, “they’ll kick me out of his class.”

Amy opens her mouth to—

“I won’t be able to sit with him!”

Immersed in his game, Jack cries, Goal!

A list of short stories published in other venues, most of them longer than microfiction and with links to the journals that published them, can be found here


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