When to Nuke from Orbit

Commentary:I just deleted my posts in an online conversation. Someone insisted on misreading my comment about methodology and sources-of-facts as a sign of political ideology.

I’ve deleted posts like this before, and will, I’m sure, do it again. Long experience has taught me that once someone challenges me to defend a position that I don’t hold, that talk is never going to recover. …

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Blowing Caskets

I discovered a new eggcorn in a student essay: “blow a casket” Somewhere out there, the person who coined the original expression is turning over in his engine.

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Idea Irrelevancy

I used to imagine that having a great idea for a story was critical–there wasn’t any point in putting pen to paper until the idea was worth it. So trained myself over several decades to be good at coming up with ideas. And it worked: I’m very good at it–an idea machine. But I’m late […]

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