SHAPESHIFTERS: The Lord in the Pit

Introduction Lord Blot is a sentient sphere of annihilation. It maintains a low profile in a remote area of a larger kingdom, where it enjoys both limited anonymity and territorial independence. Local rulers know it exists, sometimes referring to it as the Lord in the Pit or the Floating Tyrant, but they also know that they […]

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SHAPESHIFTERS: Farron, King of Baubles

Shapeshifters is a new series on nonplayer characters. These NPCs aren’t literal shapeshifters. Instead, they fall into the “shapeshifter” archetype described by scholars of myth like Joseph Campbell. We’re talking about the Professor Snapes and Walder Freys of the world. Shapeshifters are characters motives are hard to make out, who might side with the good guys in […]

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