Creative Works

Short Stories

  1. “Afromosia Wakizashi” (Buckshot Magazine, forthcoming)
  2. Last Contact” (Nature Magazine, forthcoming as a reprint in Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018)
  3. Cold Comforts” (Nature Magazineperformed in audio by Shamini Bundell, reprinted in Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017)
  4. The Johnson Farm Outbreak” (Barrelhouse Magazine, online)

Longer Fare

  1. “An Oubliette for Angels” (novella, forthcoming in Aurelia Leo)
  2. Wake (unproduced screenplay, 2010, rated “consider” by Screenplay Readers)
  3. A Month of Suns (unproduced screenplay, 2001)

Creative Nonfiction

  1. Constellations in Mourning” (The Drabble)
  2. Front Toward Enemy

Bite-Size Fare

  1. Floral Arrangement” (50-Word Stories)
  2. Woman on a Subway” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  3. Sentinel Species” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  4. Road Mage” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  5. The Period at the End of This Sentence” (50-Word Stories)
  6. Understudies” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  7. Stan” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  8. Furbaby” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  9. The Beast of Hillfort” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  10. A Raging Fire” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  11. Sigil” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  12. Only Thing Left to Do Is What We’ve Always Done” (50-Word Stories, selected as Story of the Week)
  13. Jigsaws of the Same Make Have Interchangeable Pieces” (Hemicyon)
  14. Bad Seed” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  15. The Situation Is Fluid” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  16. Why I’m in the Garage, Looking for My Weights” (Twitter fiction, reposted to Hemicyon)
  17. A Student-Centered Approach to Improving Performance in Cognitive and Affective Domains” (Hemicyon)
  18. Browsing” (Hemicyon)
  19. Boxing Day” (50-Word Stories)
  20. Bumper-Sticker” (Cuento Magazine)
  21. Lawn Cares” (50-Word Stories)
  22. Scatter” (Hemicyon)
  23. Passes” (Hemicyon)
  24. Dammit. I Meant Disney Princess” (Hemicyon)
  25. Changeable Natures” (50-Word Stories)
  26. During the Depression, We Made Do with What We Had” (The Drabblereprinted in Hemicyon)
  27. “Dog of War” (Speculative 66, issue 16)
  28. Shing!” (On the Premises Mini 36; reprinted in Hemicyon)
  29. “In-Flight Movie” (Blink-Ink #31; reprinted in Hemicyon)
  30. Apogee” (Hemicyon)
  31. Conversation Killer” (Hemicyon)
  32. Burn, Parasite” (Hemicyon)
  33. Amor Fraternal” (Hemicyon)
  34. Whiteboard” (Hemicyon)
  35. Curves” (Twitter fiction — okay, fine, a joke I wrote on Twitter — reposted to Hemicyon)


  1. “Thirds of Purloined Vellum” (D&D adventure, in DUNGEON Magazine, August 2001)
  2. Sundry articles for Ludus Ludorum (a D&D third-party site)
  3. Copy editor for GL 1: Spiders on the Storm, a D&D adventure by Fainting Goat Games (Feb. 2017)

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