Creative Works

Short Stories

  1. Last Contact” (story, Nature Magazine)
  2. Cold Comforts” (story, Nature Magazineperformed in audio by Shamini Bundell, reprinted in Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017)
  3. The Johnson Farm Outbreak” (story, Barrelhouse Magazine, online)

Longer Fare

  1. “An Oubliette for Angels” (novella, forthcoming in volume 2 of Hyperion & Theia; also available in two parts to subscribers via Curious Fictions)
  2. Wake (unproduced screenplay, 2010, rated “consider” by Screenplay Readers)
  3. A Month of Suns (unproduced screenplay, 2001)

Bite-Size Fare

I have some favorites among these. I’ve asterisked them.

  1. A Student-Centered Approach to Improving Performance in Cognitive and Affective Domains” (microfiction, Hemicyon)
  2. Browsing” (microfiction, Hemicyon)
  3. Boxing Day” (microfiction, 50-Word Stories) *
  4. Bumper-Sticker” (microfiction, Cuento Magazine)
  5. Lawn Cares” (microfiction, 50-Word Stories) *
  6. Scatter” (Hemicyon)
  7. Passes” (Hemicyon)
  8. Dammit. I Meant Disney Princess” (Hemicyon)
  9. Changeable Natures” (microfiction, 50-Word Stories)
  10. During the Depression, We Made Do with What We Had” (microfiction, The Drabble, reprinted in Hemicyon) *
  11. “Dog of War” (microfiction, in Speculative 66, issue 16)
  12. Shing!” (microfiction, in On the Premises Mini 36; reprinted in Hemicyon)
  13. “In-Flight Movie” (microfiction, Blink-Ink #31; reprinted in Hemicyon)
  14. Apogee” (Hemicyon) *
  15. Conversation Killer” (Hemicyon)
  16. Burn, Parasite” (Hemicyon) *
  17. Amor Fraternal” (Hemicyon)
  18. Whiteboard” (Hemicyon)
  19. Curves” (originally twitterfic on Twitter, reposted to Hemicyon) *


  1. “Thirds of Purloined Vellum” (D&D adventure, in DUNGEON Magazine, August 2001)
  2. Sundry articles for Ludus Ludorum (a D&D third-party site)
  3. Copy editor for GL 1: Spiders on the Storm, a D&D adventure by Fainting Goat Games (Feb. 2017)

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