Creative Works

Best Bets

  1. Last Contact” (story, Nature Magazine)
  2. Cold Comforts” (story, Nature Magazineperformed in audio by Shamini Bundell, reprinted in Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017)
  3. The Johnson Farm Outbreak” (story, Barrelhouse Magazine, online)

More Stories

  1. “An Oubliette for Angels” (novella, forthcoming in volume 2 of Hyperion & Theia)
  2. Wake (unproduced screenplay, 2010, rated “consider” by Screenplay Readers)

Bite-Size Fare

  1. During the Depression, We Made Do with What We Had” (microfiction, The Drabble)
  2. “Dog of War” (microfiction, in Speculative 66, issue 16)
  3. “In-Flight Movie” (microfiction, Blink-Ink #31)
  4. Apogee” (Hemicyon)
  5. Conversation Killer” (Hemicyon)
  6. Burn, Parasite” (Hemicyon)
  7. Amor Fraternal” (Hemicyon)
  8. Whiteboard” (Hemicyon)
  9. Curves” (originally twitterfic on Twitter, reposted to Hemicyon)


  1. “Thirds of Purloined Vellum” (D&D adventure, in DUNGEON Magazine, August 2001)
  2. Sundry articles for Ludus Ludorum (a D&D third-party site)

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