The Ludus Archives

Following the release of D&D’s Fifth Edition, I and several friends created a site called Ludus Ludorum, where the GMs among us regularly uploaded articles on game-mastering, setting design, non-player characters, rule adjudication, and other game fodder. In 2018, the administrator of that site, a friend of mine, said he couldn’t support the site anymore, but he was kind enough to give the creators a chance to salvage what we’d written. So I’ve moved my content over here to Hemicyon. (And accidentally spammed my followers with dozens of notifications as all the old posts landed. Whoops.)

Although the content made the trip, the links haven’t always traveled well. Internal links that once connected two articles now try to reach the old Ludus site. If I had a team of people, I’d have all that fixed by now, but I have just me, and a job and a family, so the links are just going to have to suffer without me until that magical day when I suddenly have nothing to do. (Insert laugh track here.)

Any article from that era will be categorized “The Ludus Archives” and tagged with comments like “Links may not work.” Please don’t email me to tell me a link in the Ludus Archives doesn’t work.

Also, people browsing this site may find that it recommends my old RPG articles. Like, you’ve just read a 100-word piece of prose poetry, so maybe you’ll like this orc stat block. That’s not me. That’s WordPress’s AI making those judgment calls. Just saying: not responsible.